Insurgent Theatre

acting for action // acting up for change

Logo Design by Raymie Iadevaia

Logo Design by Raymie Iadevaia

Insurgent Theatre implements a form of theatre for social change as it draws elements of Augusto Boal’s; Theatre of the Oppressed (TO), David Diamond’s; Theatre for Living (TfL), Barbara Santos'; Ma(G)dalena, and Hector Aristizabal's; ImaginAction, among others. Theatre for social change is a method that can be used to empower communities to dialogue social issues. Our focus is on being a conduit for radical change in the world-we want the theatre to be a space to reimagine how communities and our society can function in more inclusive ways.

What is exploratory theatre?

Insurgent Theatre blends multiple artistic mediums to create experiences which actively embody the challenges that a community is struggling with. This specific form of theatre seeks to explore and question the multitude of ways society, culture, and movements have conditioned us to act and behave in certain ways. We use the theatre to inhabit different modalities of being, through utilizing various theatre games, along with writing, dancing/movement, drawing, we can explore oppressive issues and hopefully ignite a community into action.